Rob Drury
Rob Drury
Occupation Debt Collector
First appearance 3rd September 2003
Last appearance 7th September 2003
Number of appearances 2
Played by David Bardsley

In May 2003, Eileen Grimshaw, realising that she gave the impression that she favoured her son Todd to his brother Jason, and also fearing that she had lost the latter to his ne'er-do-well father Tony Stewart, agreed to his request to take on a personal loan in the sum of £1,800.00 to buy a car and he would pay her back £62.00 per month. Just a few weeks later, Jason crashed the car and suffered a broken arm meaning he was unable to work as a builder and that Eileen would have to find the money from her own salary at Street Cars. Within weeks she was struggling to find the money and asking for advances on her wages. In early September she received a visit at work from debt collector Rob Drury who demanded £300 of her arrears within two days. When she failed to find the sum, he came back to Street Cars and this time was interrupted by Dev Alahan. Eileen tried to bluff that Rob was a friend's husband but he didn't play along and told Dev exactly who he was. Dev angrily gave Rob £100.00 and told him to conduct his business with Eileen at her home from now onwards. Soon afterwards, Eileen was subjected to a bailiff's repossession of the goods which settled the debt problem, although in an embarrassing manner for her.

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