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Robert Croft
Robert Croft
Occupation Hippie
First appearance 13th December 1967
Last appearance 10th January 1968
Number of appearances 5
Played by Martin Shaw

Robert Croft was the leader of a hippie commune that squatted in 11 Coronation Street after a New Year's party thrown by Dennis Tanner. Lucille Hewitt, who had fallen for Robert and wanted to join the hippies, badgered Dennis into having the party as with Elsie now living in America with her native husband Steve, Dennis had the house to himself. Although a little put out at first when the hippies decided to stay, typical Dennis enjoyed the ruckus it caused in the Street. However, when Annie Walker reported the hippies to the landlord Mr Wormold, who then demanded their removal, Robert decided it was time for them to move on.

Others in the commune were Monica and Jenny Sutton and Roy, Keith and Vanda.

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