Dr Lowther
Robert Lowther
Occupation Doctor
Residence Hartington
Died c.1996-1998
Spouse(s) Joan Lowther (1946) (deceased)
First appearance 23rd March 1983
Last appearance 2nd December 1987
Number of appearances 11
Played by David Scase

Robert Lowther was a doctor and husband to Joan Lowther. During World War II Robert fought in the Western Desert. In 1982 they hired Hilda Ogden as a part-time cleaner at their home at Oakfield Drive. In May 1983, the couple visited No.13 while Hilda was out, and discovered that her husband Stan had fought alongside him in the Western Desert.

Hilda would continue working for the the Lowthers until 1987 when Robert and Joan decided to retire to Hartington. Joan offered to recommend Hilda as a cleaner to their house's new owners. While they were packing, Hilda and Joan were attacked by burglars and Joan received a bump on the head. Hilda survived the attack but Joan died in Weatherfield General. The grieving Dr. Lowther decided not to change his plans to retire.

In December, Hilda and Joan's sister Helen Ashcroft went to Hartington to visit Dr. Lowther. While there Hilda was offered her old job back and was told she could live in a flat attached to his cottage. Hilda gratefully accepted and left Coronation Street after 23 years. Between 1996 and 1998, Dr. Lowther died, leaving Hilda his house.

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