Robert Millward led the case for the prosecution at the trial of Frank Foster for the rape of Carla Connor in January and February 2012.

Rather melodramatic in his style, in his opening address he described Frank as cruel, heartless and brutal man who hid behind a mask of respectability. He stated that it was the Crown's intention to prove Frank as a liar and a cold, calculating sexual predator and he begged the jury not to be taken in as Carla had initially been.

Carla herself was the main prosecution witness and Mr Millward asked her about their early relationship. She answered in positive tones but went on to describe Frank's controlling and suffocating nature and the way in which he almost tried to possess her. She also told of the aggressive way in which Frank reacted when she told him that she wasn't willing to marry him and then the details of the rape that occurred.

The next witness was Maria Connor who had been the victim of another unprovoked attack by Frank in March 2011 when she was trying to close a deal with him on behalf of Underworld.

The third witness, and the most damaging to Carla's case, was Peter Barlow. He described the two of them as friends due to their alcohol dependency issues and how he saw Carla immediately after the rape. He also went on to describe Frank's description the next day of Carla as someone who "likes it rough and that's what I gave her". Unfortunately, any good this testimony achieved was written off when the defence exposed Peter and Carla as being in the throes of an affair. Mr Millward remonstrated with Carla afterwards for not being totally honest with him and asked if she had withheld anything more from him.

When going into the court the next day, he told a waiting Peter and Carla not to sit together so as not to create a poor impression on the jury. This was when the case for the defence was presented and, when cross-examining, Mr Millward tried to questioning the discrepancies in Frank's story but he remained cool under pressure, even explaining the photographs of the bruises on Carla's arm as the result of a "passionate" sex life. He then put on a very convincing show when he "broke down" on the stand.

Frank was duly found not guilty and Mr Millward was brutally honest with Carla and Peter in saying that it was their lies that had lost them the case.

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