Robert Orm
Robert Orm
Occupation Neurosurgeon
First appearance 21st October 2002
Last appearance 6th November 2002
Number of appearances 3
Played by Richard Avery

When Sarah Platt was badly injured in a joyriding accident in a car driven by Aidan Critchley and stolen from Ken Barlow, Robert Orm was the Neurosurgeon who attended her. Upon her mother Gail Hillman's arrival at Weatherfield General, she was told that Sarah had a burst blood vessel between the brain and the skull and immediate surgery was necessary. The operation was successful but Sarah was unconscious on a ventilator for several days while her family waited anxiously around the bedside. She took almost a week to come round and Mr. Orm, although pleased with her progress, warned the family not to tire her out. When after another fortnight, Sarah was taken home to recuperate, he told her that she still had to take things easy for a while and she shyly thanked him for his care and attention.

The character was not credited on the first of his three appearances in the programme.

List of appearancesEdit


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