Robin Mellor
Robin Mellor
Occupation Clothing retailer
Spouse(s) Diane Mellor
First appearance 3rd December 2014
Number of appearances 1
Played by Grant Masters

Robin Mellor was a customer of Underworld who called at the factory for a business meeting in December 2014. Carla Connor had decided to treat herself to a spa day with Michelle Connor after the travails of the recent months and left Mr Mellor in the eager hands of Sally Webster.

Someone who made more of an impression on him was newly-appointed management trainee Alya Nazir who complimented Mr Mellor on the fast expansion of his business and he was impressed that she had done her homework, knowing that he was opening branches of his clothing company in Newcastle and Bristol in 2015. She told him that she had recently graduated in textiles and business management which earned a derogatory comment from an unhappy Sally but the ground was cut out from under her feet when Mr Mellor said that his qualifications were very similar to Alya's. Sally sent her for two coffees and described her as "keen but green" and took all the credit for any bright sparks that the girl showed. Mr Mellor smiled but tactfully said nothing.

After his meeting, he left and overheard Kevin Webster in the garage talking about needing a new sofa as Jack had crayoned over the old one. He said that he had one that he wanted rid of fast that Kevin could have for £100 provided that he picked it up that afternoon. They shook on the deal and Kevin collected a designer - albeit hideous - sofa from him, not knowing that it actually belonged to his estranged wife Diane and he was getting his own back for their acrimonious divorce.

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