Rodney Bostock
Occupation Pub manager
First appearance 27th February 1995
Last appearance 3rd November 1995
Number of appearances 21
Played by Colin Prockter

Rodney Bostock was an ex-police sergeant who was employed as the relief manager at the Rovers Return, sent by Newton & Ridley to hold the fort while landlady Bet Gilroy went on a cruise in February 1995. He attempted to liven up the pub by holding a karaoke night. Upon Bet's return, Rodney took a shine to her, but nothing came of it. In October, Rodney returned to take the reins once more following Bet's sudden departure. He was amused as the McDonalds and the Duckworths vied to purchase the pub from the brewery and was surprised when the Duckworths triumphed.

List of appearancesEdit


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