Roger Crompton 1994
Roger Crompton
Occupation Librarian
First appearance 5th August 1994
Last appearance 27th January 1995
Number of appearances 20
Played by Donald Gee

Roger Crompton was a librarian and fellow student at Emily Bishop's art class who became friendly with Mavis Wilton when she accompanied the class on an outing to Rivington Pike in 1994. Mavis found Roger attentive and enjoyed their conversations about art, a topic of which Derek was dismissive.

Roger was pleased when Mavis started going to classes regularly and soon went along to tea at 4 Coronation Street to meet Derek. Derek embarrassed the pair by showing little interest in Mavis's work and joking about a lending library for husbands and wives. Mavis allowed Roger to sketch her in her home and display it at the autumn exhibition. The drawing won second prize but a jealous Derek refused to hang it in the house.

Roger later supported Mavis when she (erroneously) thought that Derek was having an affair with Angela Hawthorne, although Roger's regular visits to No.4 only made matters worse. Once, when he caught them together innocently chatting, Derek accused them of being lovers and Mavis had to stop him from hitting Roger. The Wiltons soon reconciled, admitting that they knew they hadn't been unfaithful and that it was their pride which was driving them apart.

Roger also became friends with Rita Sullivan, who accompanied him to an art exhibition at the library. Rita impressed Roger by taking him there in the Mayoral Rolls with the Mayor and Mayoress, Alf and Audrey Roberts. Rita reciprocated by taking Roger to the newsagents' ball. Their sudden friendship was noticed by a jealous Mavis, who tried to put Roger off Rita by telling him that Rita couldn't have platonic relationships with men. Roger had grown very fond of Rita and wanted to tell her how he felt but Rita wasn't interested in Roger romantically and they agreed to remain friends.

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