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Occupation Crook
First appearance 1st January 1975
Last appearance 6th January 1975
Number of appearances 2
Played by Ronald Bloxham

Roland was a heavy employed by villain Big Arthur. A tall, imposing man, he said nothing, was bearded and moustached and, like his boss, presented an unusual sight on the streets of Weatherfield, dressed more like a member of the Chicago Mafia then the usual run of local villains. He accompanied Big Arthur and associate Nobby Harris when they “visited” Eddie Yeats at No. 5 where they had stored tins of ham in Minnie Caldwell’s coal hole after robbing them from a supermarket on Christmas Day. The police were on to the gang and Big Arthur suspected Eddie of telling on them but the terrified scouser persuaded them of his innocence. Minnie had left Eddie and his “friends” to their chat after remarking on ths size of Roland’s feet. The heavy was last seen “escorting” Eddie from the Rovers to take the ham out of No. 5 once police interest had died down.

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