Ronald Fouracre (born 1933, died 2nd July 1983) worked as a director on Coronation Street on 15 episodes from July 1974 to October 1976 with return engagements in August 1979 and April 1980. Prior to becoming a director, he was a designer for ATV based in London working on series such as The Plane Makers, Ghost Squad and Subterfuge. He moved into direction in the late 1960s working on The Eamonn Andrews Show, The Rolf Harris Show, Carry on Christmas and Looks Familiar. He also served as both producer and director on The Benny Hill Show from 1975 to 1979. Coronation Street was one of his very few forays into drama.

Episodes directed by Ronald FouracreEdit


1974 (4 episodes)

1975 (2 episodes)

1976 (6 episodes)

1979 (1 episode)


1980 (2 episodes)

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