Ronnie Dudgeon
Ronnie Dudgeon
First appearance 30th April 2004
Number of appearances 1
Played by James Day

Ronnie Dudgeon was one of Cilla Brown's many ex-boyfriends and a previous "Uncle" to Chesney Brown who was terrified of the man. Happily settled in 5 Coronation Street with Uncle Les Battersby, Chesney was more happily settled than he'd ever been in his life and was devastated to overhear his mother on the phone to Ronnie arranging a date. Trying to take a leaf out of her book, he threatened to tell Les what she was up to but Cilla was an old hand at such tricks and she made it clear to him that if Les found out and she was thrown out of No. 5, Chesney would end up in care.

A few weeks later, Cilla was again two-timing Les with Ronnie, making arrangements to spend a few days with the latter under cover of a story of having to stay with a sick friend, Sandra, whose boyfriend had left her and taken all her money. Chesney was terrified that Les would find out and broke down in front of sister Fiz. That determined her to sort the situation out and she followed Cilla and Ronnie at night, taking a photograph of them together as proof to show Les should Cilla not end her "other" relationship. Her mother though used the same threat to her daughter as she had to her son - that Chesney would end up in care if the boat was rocked.

Kirk Sutherland, unable to stand the way in which his friend Les was being deceived, told him what was going on, but was not believed. It was only when Chesney, afraid that his mother would take away his beloved puppy Schmeichel, backed up the story and Les threw her out. She made her way to Ronnie's turning up six weeks later when he also tired of her and sent her on her way again.

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