Rosie Nettles
Rosie Nettles
Occupation Reporter
First appearance 22nd January 1993
Number of appearances 1
Played by Janys Chambers

Following the introduction of a one-way system in Oakhill and with drivers now using Coronation Street as a short cut, a campaign was set up in January 1993 by Street residents Sally Webster and Percy Sugden.

Rosie Nettles, a reporter from the Weatherfield Gazette, arrived along with a photographer to interview the pair shortly after Percy had camped outside No.3 conducting a traffic survey. Councillor Harry Potts (Chairman of the Traffic Management Committee) was quickly on the scene trying to "hijack" the protesters' interview by overplaying the importance of his role within the council, but Percy promptly saw through the fact that he just wanted his picture in the paper and shouted him down.

Credited as "Journalist", the character's full name was given in dialogue.

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