Ross 2009
First appearance 5th June 2009
Last appearance 20th July 2009
Number of appearances 3
Played by Lee Oakes

Ross was a recovering alcoholic who in 2009 was a regular member of an Alcoholics Anonymous group held at the Rita Tushingham Community Centre in Manchester. On 5th June, Ross told group about his history with alcohol, dating back to when he was eight years old. His tragic story made Peter Barlow feel uncomfortable enough to leave, but he returned before the meeting was over.

On 20th July, Ross told the group at an open meeting that at ten years old he turned to drink to cope with the advances of his stepfather. Despite the fact that recalling the painful story had brought Ross close to tears, Blanche Hunt insensitively verbally attacked him, calling his story "self-indulgent whining".

List of appearancesEdit


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