Dog 2015
First appearance 4th May 2015
Played by Cookie

Boo-Boo (nicknamed Rover) was discovered by Steve McDonald in the back of his Street Cars cab. He took in the dog at his home at the Rovers Return Inn and bonded with her. He later had her scanned, but she wasn't micro-chipped. He later discovered the actual owners were on the other side of the world working on a way to get a ticket back to the UK. Steve nicknamed the dog Rover, as he didn't want to keep referring to her as "Dog".

Rover was eventually returned to her real owner Paula Longmore in August 2015, much to the sadness of Steve. However he was delighted when on two occasions the dog returned to him, although forced by his mother Liz to return her back to the owners. After a third time, the owners allowed Steve to keep Rover as they were going to live with their pregnant daughter and didn't want a dog around the baby.

Cookie, who appears as Rover, is in real-life one of Simon Gregson's dogs.

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