Rowe David McClelland (born 23rd January 1958 in Sheffield) appeared on Coronation Street in three minor roles: Surveyor Mr Graham who in June 2006 was instructed by Charlie Stubbs to submit a report on 6 Coronation Street; Weatherfield Gazette photographer Alan in June 2009; and he returned to the programme in October 2015 as a Security Guard, assigned to parking duties at Weatherfield General.

He completed a course in Theatre Skills at Sheffield Polytechnic in 1986 and relocated to Canada the following year, working extensively in TV, film and theatre - most notably in several broadcasting roles for CBC, and returned to England in 2006.

His other credits include roles in Foreign Bodies, Lexx, Liography, Beach Girls, Canada Russia '72, Emmerdale, The Royal Today, A Touch of Frost, Law & Order:UK, The Zombie King and Homefront.

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