Roy Bradley
Roy Bradley
Residence Bessie Street
First appearance 20th December 1965
Number of appearances 1
Played by Unknown

Roy Bradley was a schoolboy who along with his friends, Peter Jackson and Frank Townsend, came carol singing at the Vestry one evening in December 1965 and appalled Ena Sharples when they liberally massacred Hark! The Herald Angels Sing outside her door. Hearing they were from Bessie Street, she invited them inside where she was sitting with Minnie Caldwell and asked their names. As Roy was shy, Peter tried to speak up for him but Ena snapped back that he should let the boy speak for himself.

She took the three lads through Once in Royal David's City but stopped them when they started to race through the tune, telling them it wasn't a Boogie-woogie and making them join her at her harmonium to sing the carol properly.

Meanwhile, Stan Ogden was commiserating in the Rovers that the lads had "murdered" Good King Wenceslas and yet Hilda had still given them "half a dollar" i.e. Half a crown or twelve and a half pence in post-decimal money.

The character wasn't credited, either on screen or in "TV Times" and the identity of the child actor playing him is unknown.

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