Sales Manager (Episode 6943)
Sales Manager
Occupation Corporate sales manager
First appearance 7th November 2008
Number of appearances 1
Played by Louise Morris

When Pam Hobsworth told niece Molly Compton and her fiancé Tyrone Dobbs that she had organised a 'free meal' at a fine-dining restaurant for them all at 7.30 that evening and to dress accordingly, the pair were left wondering just what the catch would turn out to be. Upon arriving at the restaurant and being handed menus, Tyrone and Molly were in awe at the extortionate prices, with Pam encouraging them to "fill their boots" and ordering Dom Pérignon.

It was after the trio had finished dining that they were approached by the unnamed Sales Manager who, after establishing that their meals were satisfactory, proceeded to congratulate Tyrone and Molly on their upcoming nuptials and enquired about their guest numbers and budget. Pam was quick to kid on to the manager (in a much put-on voice) that they would be expecting around 200 guests and that money was no object. With this she went away to fetch some menus. Molly quickly realised that Pam had led the staff to believe that they would be booking the venue for their wedding reception!

With Pam offering the suggestion that such places of grandeur expected people to "try before they buy", Molly stormed out. Genuinely concerned that there appeared to be a problem, the sales manager returned to the table. Pam again kidded on (in the same put-on voice) that her niece had just found out that "M'laddo was a love-rat and had been two-timing her with Bertha Bloodknock from the abbatoir". After telling Tyrone not to be a "pillark" the pair promptly left the restaurant in hot pursuit of Molly, rendering the sales manager speechless.

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