The Sales Rep gave Rita Sullivan a guided tour of the bungalow purposely furnished as a show home within the Sunnydale Retirement Complex in February 2006.

Earlier in the month, 10a Coronation Street had been burgled and Rita had also been threatened inside The Kabin by a man called Stuart, who terrorised her when he came looking for Stacy Hilton, a stallholder on Levenshulme Market who'd scammed several men posing as Thai bride Orchid Pattaya. Unwittingly, Rita had allowed Stacy to stay at her flat for a few days having being discharged from Weatherfield General as she recuperated from the injuries that Stuart had inflicted on her, but after trying to persuade Stacy to report Stuart to the police, she did a runner and Coronation Street was the first place Stuart began his search for Stacy.

Feeling too vulnerable to stay in her own flat, Rita was shown around the property by the Sales Rep, who ran through a list of all of the integrated modern appliances, assuring his client that someone would be there within minutes to assist her - should she press one of the three panic buttons within the bungalow, and pointed out that thinking long-term, it could potentially be her home for the next twenty years. Once outside, the Sales Rep offered to show Rita some of the other facilities onsite - including the kiosk and doctors surgery, but she politely declined his offer, stating that she needed time to think on what she'd seen.

Once back home, she confessed to Emily Bishop that she wasn't ready for retirement, and although describing the place as nice and peaceful and safe, she likened it to a place where one would go to die. Emily then suggested that Rita could move in with her at No.3 for a while, thus giving Rita a bit more peace of mind and Emily, some female companionship.