Sales Rep (Episode 7192)
Sales Rep
Occupation Property sales representative
First appearance 26th October 2009
Number of appearances 1
Played by Susan Cormack

After Kevin Webster and Molly Dobbs made their excuses to meet up with each other on a Monday morning in October 2009, the pair headed out in the garage's tow-truck and, stopping near a new property development near Weatherfield Rugby Club, decided to go and have a look round the show house.

Upon arrival they were greeted by the Sales Rep for Lanscale Properties who asked to take details for any literature that may become available. With no hesitation, Kevin told the woman they were "Mr & Mrs Webster of Weston Caravan Park, Fleetwood" - and were looking to move to the area as their children were coming up to school age. The Rep told them that they were inquiring at the right time since the current market prices were about as low as they were going to get. She offered to give them a guided tour of the property and then let them look round by themselves.

Whilst left alone upstairs in the show house the couple had an opportunity to talk about what they both wanted from the relationship and, knowing that they had to head back to Coronation Street, went back downstairs and informed the Sales Rep that they'd decided that they'd stay as they were for now.

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