The door-to-door Salesman tried to interest several Coronation Street residents in Mills Bros' stone cladding in January 1989.

When he knocked on the door of 7 Coronation Street, he caused Alan Bradley to panic, as Alan was expecting a property surveyor, Mr Stoppard, at that moment and was in the middle of getting daughter Jenny out of the house, as neither she nor Rita Fairclough knew that he was illegally applying for a mortgage on the house using the name of the late Len Fairclough. As the salesman started his pitch, a relieved but impertinent Alan told him to "push off" and slammed the door in his face.

The salesman next called at 9 Coronation Street, catching Vera Duckworth just as she was leaving for work. Vera proved a more receptive customer, and ultimately agreed to have the work done on No.9, excited at the thought of the house having prestige among its neighbours.