Salesman 1980
Occupation Magazine Salesman
First appearance 24th March 1980
Last appearance 26th March 1980
Number of appearances 2
Played by George Little

The unnamed Salesman worked for the magazine distribution company of Willis and Beardmore. In March 1980 he came into The Kabin one minute after Mavis Riley had left to go to the wholesalers (probably deliberately) and found newly recruited teenager Louise Clayton in charge. He briskly gave her a docket for magazines to sign, telling her it was normal procedure. Upon her return, Mavis was horrified to find that within the stock left by him were issues of a pornographic magazine named Teaser.

He returned the next day and Mavis tried to get him to take the stock back. He argued that the magazine was perfectly acceptable in 90% of the outlets he covered but Mavis pointed out that The Kabin was in the other 10% and threatened the police. Feisty Louise threw the stock at him and told him to scram. He left insulting Mavis as he did so and she rang his puzzled bosses who said they didn’t handle that particular publication. He came back afterwards, sacked for moonlighting, and threatened Mavis. Luckily a livid Len Fairclough was there this time and manhandled him out of the shop.

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