Saleswoman 2879
Occupation Salesperson
First appearance 2nd November 1988
Number of appearances 1
Played by Kate Layden

The Saleswoman attended to Mavis Riley when she went wedding dress shopping with Emily Bishop in November 1988. On her first visit to the shop, Mavis favoured a smokey peach-coloured dress but left without buying. The ladies returned to the shop later that day so that Mavis could have another look at the dress. Remembering them from before because of a remark about upstaging the bride, assuming Mavis to be a guest, the saleswoman informed Mavis that the dress had been sold ten minutes ago as it was at a bargain price.

The woman remained with Mavis as she tried on many dresses, remaining pleasant throughout despite Mavis becoming increasingly flustered and even Emily visibly agitated. When Mavis went into the dressing room to try on a dress for the second time, the saleswoman relayed a story to Emily about a customer who had returned an unworn dress, having stood up her fiancé. The woman considered Mavis's dithering over the dress all in the mind, and remarked that usually it was because of doubts over the man.

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