Sally Balley
First appearance 30th October 1974
Number of appearances 1
Played by Oonagh Wheelan

Sally Balley was a cheeky dark-haired girl who asked for fireworks at The Kabin in October 1974. She was served by a bad-tempered Len Fairclough, who'd been forced to run the shop as neither Rita Littlewood nor Mavis Riley had turned up for their shifts. The women were unhappy with Len's recent decision to demote Rita to assistant and appoint Mavis manager, and had taken the day off in protest.

Due to schoolboy Mark Hillkirk's bonfire accident the year before, Len wasn't stocking fireworks at The Kabin and so he tetchily told the girl that he would never sell fireworks to her and that anybody who did would get six months in jail. The bratty girl told Len to keep his wig on and left to get some at Charlie Barnes's newsagent.

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