Sam Foster
Died 6th January 2012
Spouse(s) Anne Foster
Children Frank Foster
First appearance 4th September 2011
Last appearance 26th September 2011
Number of appearances 3
Played by Paul Clayton

Sam Foster was the father of Frank Foster and husband of Anne.

In September 2011, Sam and Anne travelled from France to Weatherfield in order to meet Frank's fiancée Carla Connor, however the celebrations were cut short when Carla lashed out at his parents and left the Rovers. After an intoxicated Carla ran down Stella Price and crashed Frank's car into Barlow's Bookies, the pair arrived at Weatherfield General to question their son - who was prepared to take the rap for the accident and covered for Carla by stating that he was in the driver's seat when the crash occurred, although they were unsure whether to believe his story.

Sam and Anne were invited to the couple's wedding later that month, but Frank informed them that Carla had called off the wedding. They later attended Weatherfield Magistrates Court when their son had been charged with raping Carla. However, when the Judge refused bail and referred the case to Crown Court, Anne lunged at Carla as she dubbed Frank a rapist, but Sam held her back.

Sam died from a sudden heart attack in January 2012, leaving Anne widowed. She put Sam's death down to the stress of Frank's upcoming trial and the accusations against him. In his will, he left his watch to his son, Frank, who promised to his mother he would wear his father's watch every day for the rest of his life; which only happened to end prematurely eight weeks later.

List of appearancesEdit


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