Samuel "Sam" Leach was the uncle of Jerry Booth.

Sam first arrived in August 1962, sat in a corner of the Rovers. Landlady Annie Walker took Sam on as a waiter, and on his first night was recognised by his nephew. He later helped Jerry and his boss Len Fairclough move Minnie Caldwell into 5 Coronation Street, leading to Leonard Swindley writing an article on him for being a 'Good Samaritan', with local scold Ena Sharples agreeing to supply the picture. However, he did slightly hinder boss Jack Walker by delaying him over his national insurance card.

On the same day, Sam's neighbour Ted Young arrived in the Rovers on a brief break from his lorry driving, and was delighted when he realised Sam was in the street. He joked with the regulars that Sam's wife, Jerry's Aunt May, was a real nag, and joked that he might have killed her and scarpered. This was not helped when Sergeant Swann called in at the Rovers during height of the evening trade, looking for Mr. Samuel Leach. Sam however, scared, packed his suitcases and hastily scarpered from the street, leaving the Walkers and Jerry worried. However, after returning from a night out to celebrate Martha Longhurst's birthday, Ena found Sam hiding in the Glad Tidings Mission Hall. Ena sheltered him, and extracted the information that Sam had only left his wife and that the police were after him for desertion, and Ena made him go and see the police of his own free will. However, Len thought that Ena had shopped Sam to the police and the truth dawned on Ena that everyone blamed her. The residents, including Martha, sent her to Coventry and were sharp with Minnie; however, Sam wrote to the Walkers explaining everything and thanking Ena. The residents realised that they had made a mistake and everyone let bygones be bygones.

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