Samira Choudrey was a journalist who worked for the Weatherfield Gazette. She came to Underworld at the instigation of Julie Carp to photograph the handing over of a cheque for the proceeds from a 5K sponsored run that the staff and others had taken part in to raise money for a cancer charity in memory of the deceased Hayley Cropper. Izzy Armstrong had been given the cash collection to look after however she and her family had his desperate times following their run-in with crooked builder Pat Phelan and she had dipped into the funds to pay for the rent and other overdue bills. Izzy hoped that Gary Windass would be able to get his pay of the day that the presentation was due to take place to give back the difference but the cash office was closed and Katy Armstrong was also unable to lend her the sum. Izzy gave Julie the envelope with the depleted cash and went outside the factory for a moment where she was horrified to meet Samira, realising that the moment of truth had arrived for her. She sent Samira away and confessed to transgression to her horrified colleagues.

Credited as "Journalist", the character's name was given in dialogue