Sammy 8502
Occupation Waiter
First appearance 29th October 2014
Last appearance 31st October 2014
Number of appearances 2
Played by Freddie Hogan

Sammy was a waiter employed at the Farnhaven Hall Hotel where Tracy Barlow's wedding to Rob Donovan was due to take place in October 2014.

Among the gathering guests that Sammy handed drinks to outside the hotel was Beth Tinker, Kirk Sutherland and Sean Tully. Sammy smiled at Sean, and Beth, who claimed that her gaydar was never wrong, said that he had been giving Sean the eye.

Once inside the venue, Beth tried to push Sean to get Sammy's number but he was reluctant, claiming the younger man was out of his league. Beth then ordered Kirk to get Sammy's number for Sean to make their friend happy and he returned saying that he had made an impression on the waiter. Later on, Sammy approached the three guests but it was Kirk who he handed his number to, not so much as giving Sean a second glance. As Kirk said, something must have got lost in translation...

The character's first appearance was uncredited.

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