Landlady (Episodes 7202-3)
Occupation Pub Landlady
First appearance 26th March 2010
Last appearance 26th March 2010
Number of appearances 2
Played by Annie Sawle

Sandra was the landlady of The Farmer's Nag in the Lake District where David Platt and Graeme Proctor called into in March 2010. David hoped to trace locals Mark and Jane Kenworthy who were material witnesses in the police's case against Gail McIntyre and her supposed murder of husband Joe McIntyre. Sandra was able to confirm that the Kenworthys' were frequent customers of her pub but with a spate of recent burglaries asked why they were enquiring. Graeme, ever the fantasist, span a yarn that they were interested in buying the Kenworthys' boat on behelf of a Russian billionaire.

When the Kenworthys' entered the pub later and David approached them about their evidence, the conversation soon became rancorous. The landlady told Graeme that she didn't believe their story and, seeing that she was on the verge of calling the police, Graeme pulled David out of the pub.

The character was not credited with a name, but a Christian name of "Sandra" was confirmed in dialogue on Episode 7302.

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