Sandra Turnbull
Father Mr Turnbull
Mother Gladys Turnbull
First appearance Unseen

Sandra Turnbull was a young girl who in 1981 found herself pregnant at an early age to a boy who then vanished. Sandra decided she wanted rid of the child as soon as it was born. Emily Bishop, who knew Sandra's auxiliary nurse mother Gladys from her work at Weatherfield General, mentioned the matter in passing to Rita Fairclough who was depressed at the fact that she and Len had been rejected as possible adoptive parents. Rita went straight to Gladys's home on Bland Street and offered to take the baby as soon as it was due to be born in September.

The next day Gladys called at 9 Coronation Street and nervously told Rita that she and her husband had decided to keep the baby themselves in the hope that Sandra would change her mind and accept the child.

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