Scary Brian
Scary Brian
First appearance 24th August 2008
Last appearance 25th August 2008
Number of appearances 2
Played by Paul Oldham

When Tyrone Dobbs's mother Jackie got in touch with him to say that she'd returned from Spain, Tyrone took fiancée Molly Compton to meet her. While out for a meal at the "Bowling Green" pub, Tyrone spotted one of his dad's old friends by the name of Scary Brian peering at the trio through the window, who'd managed to track the elusive Jackie down and was demanding money that she owed.

Jackie had borrowed £500 from Brian and then hot-footed it to Spain without repaying him. After finally having the opportunity to confront her, he demanded that she now paid him £1,000 for his troubles. Jackie promptly legged it out of the pub leaving Tyrone and Molly to face the music. Brian told the pair that he knew where Jackie was living and that they had got 24 hours to come up with the cash.

Molly and Tyrone decided the only way to get rid of Brian and protect Jackie was to withdraw £1,000 from their wedding fund and pay him off. However, Jackie was totally ungrateful by this gesture and Tyrone was left feeling embarrassed and let down by his mother's selfish attitude.

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