Schoolboy 4782
First appearance 6th March 2000
Number of appearances 1
Played by Gary Saunders

When thirteen-year old Sarah Louise Platt became pregnant in 2000, mother and stepfather Gail and Martin arranged a visit to Weatherfield Comprehensive to inform the Headmistress of her condition. They had barely entered the school grounds when Sarah gave a look to a particular boy which Gail caught on. She quickly realised that the lad must be the father of the unborn child and was shocked to realise that he wasn’t much more than a child himself, Sarah having previously refused to divulge any information about the father.

Martin approached another Schoolboy and asked if he knew the name of his co-pupil. He did and was told it was Neil Fearns. This all became too much for Gail and she whisked her daughter and husband away as fast as she could.

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