Scott's Provisions was the new name for the revamped Corner Shop in July 1993.

Owner Brendan Scott, sporting a straw boater and apron had the old mini-market refurbished into a Victorian style shop insisting it would be the "home of traditional values and old fashioned retailing". Deirdre Barlow, also in a mop cap and apron served Phyllis Pearce, who was the first customer through the door, and was given details of Brendan's mature customer voucher scheme where a 50p voucher would be given after a customer spent over £10 - for use at Christmas.

A matter of weeks later, Brendan decided to employ a delivery boy on a traditional shop bike. Nicky Platt was interviewed and given the job, but only stayed a few days, after being overworked by the pompous Mr Scott. He complained, only to be sacked on the spot.

Brendan took over the deliveries himself, despite the advice of stand-in assistant Emily Bishop. He collapsed in the shop from a heart attack, and was pronounced dead at the scene. Brendan's widow Debi soon got rid of the shop, putting it up for auction. Former owner Alf Roberts bought his former shop back for £55,000, and reopened the mini-market in October 1993.

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