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Sean Skinner
Occupation Bookmaker
Spouse(s) Lynne Skinner
First appearance 1st August 1994
Last appearance 5th May 1997
Duration 1994-1997
Number of appearances 103
Played by Terence Hillyer

Sean Skinner grew up in Leicester, where his father had a toy shop. He offered Des Barnes a job after Des was sacked by Alex Christie when they were both having an affair with Tanya Pooley. Sean soon decided to open a betting shop in Rosamund Street. After Liz McDonald came to work at the bookies, Sean made a play for her - but she rejected him. However, she later resigned from the job when she found herself getting a little too attracted to Des.


"Look, please let me in. Let me make it up to you somehow." (Final line, to Samantha Failsworth)

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