Secretary 267
Occupation Secretary
First appearance 3rd July 1963
Number of appearances 1
Played by Louise Jervis

The Secretary to Miami Modes's personnel officer admitted Elsie Tanner and Christine Appleby to Miss Read's office in 1963 when they were summoned there to find out which of them would be leaving the "Better-dressed" department. Elsie had complained about Christine's unreasonable behaviour since becoming supervisor.

Expecting to be the one let go, Elsie waited nervously to learn her fate, pacing up and down the room and asking the secretary what sort of mood Miss Read was in, to which the secretary replied that she never knew. By comparison, Christine waited calmly and quietly, allowing the secretary to get on with her typing. Ultimately, neither woman was fired; Christine was moved to children's wear and Elsie remained where she was.

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