Security Guard 5788
Security Guard
First appearance 28th June 2004
Number of appearances 1
Played by Paul Aspden

When Cilla Brown tried to inveigle her way back into Les Battersby's love-life in June 2004 she found her way thwarted by the return of Janice Battersby to 5 Coronation Street. Thrown out of the house, she determined to make what mischief she could to make Janice's life a misery. She followed them on a shopping expedition to Freshco and told the Security Guard that she had witnessed Janice and Leanne Battersby shoplifting. He and a colleague tried to stop the two women as they left the premises which resulted in a fight from Leanne. Cilla used the opportunity to return to the Street and get back inside the house, supposedly on the pretext of seeing her son, Chesney. Once inside, she duped the youngster into promising to tell her anything and everything that Janice did in order that she could use the information against her. Meanwhile, Janice and Leanne were released as the Guard told them that if they'd cooperated in the first place, the matter could have been sorted out a lot quicker than it was. Leanne protested that he was just throwing his weight around with defenceless women, prompting the man to retort that far from being defenceless, she'd almost bitten his arm off when she fought him. Leanne replied that he was lucky it hadn't been his head…