Security Guard 8465
Security Guard
First appearance 7th September 2014
Number of appearances 1
Played by Shaun McGowan

The unnamed Security Guard was on duty at building site on Tinder Way which Rob Donovan tried to gain access to. Three months earlier, Rob had buried several items under a railway viaduct on the site, all connected with his murder of Tina McIntyre including the iron bar he used to batter her head in. Hearing that what had seemed a derelict though safe place was now being developed, Rob hurried there and gave a story to the guard that his wife's dog had got lost there. The unsympathetic guard told him it was a secure site and the loss of the dog would teach him to keep it on a lead in the future. Rob was forced to pay two young lads nearby to divert the man's attention while he sneaked in a back way and retrieved the items, taking them away in his car.

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