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Security Guard 8759
Security Guard
First appearance 26th October 2015
Number of appearances 1
Played by Rowe David McClelland

The unnamed Security Guard was on duty outside Weatherfield General when Tyrone Dobbs rushed there one night in October 2015 upon hearing that his partner's daughter Hope Stape had been taken there feeling ill, the young child already having been diagnosed with a childhood cancer. Tyrone parked the Webster's Autocentre tow-truck in a space next to the ambulances and was warned by the guard that it would be towed away by the parking attendants as all they were bothered about was money. Tyrone ignored him, leaving the guard to mutter that he had the same conversation twenty times a day.

When Tyrone emerged some time later, the truck had been towed away and the guard broke the bad news that it would cost £300 to recover it.

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