Security Man 2494
Security Man
First appearance 25th February 1985
Number of appearances 1
Played by Norman Mills

The unnamed Security Man worked on the entrance desk to the Manchester Central Library. Hilda Ogden went there to try and find her missing lodger Henry Wakefield after he had been forced away from the Street by the militant workforce at Baldwin's Casuals for being a strike-breaker. Percy Sugden helped Hilda remember that Henry used to hang around in the library and she went into the imposing building to try and find him herself.

The Security Man assured her that it would be alright to enter and walk round but was unable to assist further when she asked him if he had seen Henry, pointing out that the large establishment was made up of eight separate libraries with thousands of visitors a day and it was best just to wander round. He did suggest she start with the General Reader's Library which was indeed where she located Henry.

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