Security Officer 5620
Security Officer
Occupation Manchester Airport Security Officer
First appearance 7th November 2003
Number of appearances 1
Played by Tim Hennel

Lucy Barlow exacted her final revenge on bigamous husband Peter in November 2003 by ruining for ever any possible reconciliation with his “other wife” Shelley Unwin and revealing to him that she was moving to Spain alone with their baby son, Simon, and not taking Peter with them.

After angrily contemplating what he was going to do, Peter resolved to go to Manchester Airport and stop her leaving. Ken went with him, mainly to stop him doing anything stupid. They were about to leave their car outside the entrance to departures at the terminal when the Security Officer came forward and enquired sarcastically if the car was a bus or a taxi, otherwise it would have to be moved. Seeing how wound up his son was already, Ken hastily took the keys from him and moved the vehicle while Peter entered the terminal looking for his wife.

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