Selina Rowley was a social worker assigned to Maddie Heath's case. When Maddie moved into 4 Coronation Street, Selina called round to investigate why she hadn't been seen in the council lodgings that were supplied for her and Sophie Webster was shocked to hear that Maddie was only 17. Maddie was dismissive of Selina's concern but less sanguine was Sally Webster when she heard that Maddie was not as homeless as she'd been led to believed. Selina confirmed that Maddie was free to live where she liked but she did have to keep them informed if her council accommodation wasn't required any more.

As a result of Maddie's deception, Sally told her she was no longer welcome and Sophie walked out with her, settling down in the hostel where they found themselves at the tender mercies of some thuggish lads there. The noise that was created in an altercation led to complaints to Selina who came to investigate but got the rough side of Maddie's mood. Although Selina tried to reason with her, Maddie had had enough and walked out of the hostel, sleeping rough with Sophie. After a few days, the two girls moved in with Kevin Webster in 13 Coronation Street and all seemed to settle down.

Selina's path next crossed Maddie's towards the end of April when she arrived with bad news: the foster parents who looked after Maddie's young brother Ben were moving to Devon and taking the young lad with them. Although they made sure, through Selina, that Maddie knew that she was welcome to come and stay any time she liked, she reacted badly to the news, tossing aside a photograph of Ben's news home that Selina had brought with her.

A couple of days later, Sophie found Maddie and Ben together in No.13 and was told that his foster parents had allowed the two of them to spend the day together. This proved to be a lie when Selina called with police to collect the boy who had been taken without permission. Maddie and Ben did a runner, hiding in Mary Taylor's motor home where Ben told them he didn't mind the move to Devon. As they were leaving the motor home, Selina and the police snatched the boy and Maddie and Sophie were arrested but later released without charge.

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