Senior Fire Officer
First appearance 20th May 2007
Last appearance 21st May 2007
Number of appearances 2
Played by Steve Cooper

The Senior Fire Officer along with several firefighters attended the scene at 4 Coronation Street in May 2009 where Claire Peacock, in a state of unconsciousness, was dragged out of the blazing property by neighbours Jamie Baldwin and Kirk Sutherland. In an attempt to rescue her young son Freddie, also believed to have been inside the house, the officer told his colleague to lead Jerry Morton outside as the fire and smoke continued to engulf the house. Upon his return to the Street the following morning, Claire's husband Ashley was prevented from entering the house by the fire officer. Although he was sympathetic when Ashley claimed that his young son was still inside the property, he advised Ashley that the Peacocks would be informed of the findings of the investigation, when completed.

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