Sergeant Harrison was in charge of the scene when Coronation Street was closed off and evacuated after a gas leak at No.1 in March 1973. The sergeant acted quickly, ordering his officers to put diversion signs at either end to keep traffic away and get onto a gas board man, and getting the keys to the Community Centre from Emily Bishop to begin an immediate evacuation. His swift action upset at least one resident - Elsie Howard, who had just washed her hair and was forced to leave the house with her hair in a towel. After a few hours, they were given the all-clear and the residents were allowed to return to their homes.

Just under a year later, in February 1974, he was called back to the street when Annie Walker put in a call to the emergency services when Stuart Draper drove his car into the door of the Rovers. The vehicle had been purchased from Billy Walker and he then discovered that it was an insurance write-off after attempting to have it serviced. Billy angrily refused a refund and threatened Draper who resorted to his desperate measures. Harrison and his colleague, Frank, arrived late to the incident as a tanker had overturned on Liverpool Road and they had had to cordon off the area. He recognised Alf as the Mayor of Weatherfield and saluted him but Alf asked that they dealt with the matter as a private incident. Harrison suggested that the best way to unnerve Draper was to ignore him but he then ordered Draper to move the vehicle instantly and wouldn’t give him a chance to talk until he had done so. Once out, Billy went onto the verbal attack, calling him an old poof and the two went at each other with fists until the police officers separated them. Both Draper and Billy were taken to Weatherfield Police Station though Billy was soon let go.