Sgt Daniels
Occupation Police officer
First appearance 8th August 1973
Number of appearances 1
Played by John Pickles

Sgt Daniels took a description of Elsie Howard when Alan went to Weatherfield Police Station to report her missing in 1973.

Elsie had told Alan that she was visiting her friend Sheila Crossley in Sheffield as a cover story for her visit to London to see Dennis at Pentonville. Elsie was too ashamed of her son to admit the truth to Alan. After going to Sheffield and discovering that Elsie wasn't there, Alan turned to the police to find his wife. Daniels was quick to remind Alan that as Elsie had gone of her own free will and was over 17, all he could do was take a description and photograph of Elsie to circulate among the local stations. When Alan handed him a picture of Elsie, Daniels saw what a glamorous woman she was and suspected that Elsie had run off with another man.

Later that day, Daniels took a call from WPC Tomlin in London, who informed him that Elsie had been hit by a car and had only just been identified. Daniels instructed one of his colleagues, PC Thompson, to drop by 11 Coronation Street on his way home and tell Alan where his wife was.

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