Shane Fox was a friend of Gary Windass from his army days. The two met up with Nathan and Jimmy at a pub for a reunion to remember their fallen comrade Quinny. The four swapped news of what had happened to them in the interim and Gary revealed he was going to be a father. He also told his army buddies of the surrogacy arrangement whereby Tina McIntyre was carrying the baby for Izzy Armstrong. The jealous admiration and banter from the lads started to get on Gary’s nerves as he was starting to realise that he had feelings for Tina. Jimmy quickly cottoned on to this from Gary’s demeanour and they started to rile their friend until the atmosphere turned sour. Gary apologised for losing his temper, only to receive the ungracious comment from Jimmy that he didn’t “give a stuff for your freaky Jeremy Kyle sex thing”. The four remembered why they were there and raised their glasses to Quinny.