Shane Rimmer (born 28th May 1929) is a Canadian actor and scriptwriter most famous for his voice work in Gerry Anderson series' Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet and Joe 90. He is said to have appeared, most uncredited, in more James Bond films than any other actor besides normally recurring cast members, and has also appeared in Danger Man, The Saint, Return of the Saint, The Persuaders!, The Protectors, Doctor Who, Van der Valk, Space 1999, UFO and the 2005 Hollywood blockbuster Batman Begins. Other films include Silver Bears, Hanover Street, Gandhi, Spy Game, The Hunger, A Kiss Before Dying and The People That Time Forgot.

Shane has played two different characters on Coronation Street: American soldier Joe Donelli, who confessed to killing Steve Tanner before committing suicide, between 1967 and 1970, and later Malcolm Reid, the father of Audrey Roberts' son Stephen, in 1988.

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