First appearance 15th May 2015
Last appearance 15th May 2015
Number of appearances 2
Played by Joely Mae Geally

Shanisse was a student who attended Weatherfield High. Faye Windass had managed to hoodwink her father Tim Metcalfe into going on a school go-karting trip and upon arrival in the yard Shanisse made bitchy comments about her recent teenage pregnancy, saying that she was a "4x4" - in other words, by the time she was eighteen, Faye would have four children by four different fathers. She also helpfully pointed out that baby Miley's teenage father Jackson Hodge was nearby and commented to her listening posse of friends that Faye would still be "well into" him.

By the time that the minibus returned from the trip, a furious Anna Windass was waiting with Miley in her pushchair and yelled at Faye for her deception. Shanisse and her friends were amused to watch Anna in full flow and made a comment about a domestic but fell silent when Anna told them in no uncertain terms to shut up. Anna handed over the pushchair to Faye and stormed off. When Shanisse and the other girls caught sight of the baby, their manner went a total about-turn and they cooed maternally over the infant child.

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