Shannon Tattersall
Shannon Tattersall
Born 27th August 1997
Birthplace Weatherfield
Died 17th April 1998
Father Liam Shepherd
Mother Zoe Tattersall
First appearance 27th August 1997
Last appearance 17th April 1998
Duration 1997 - 1998
Number of appearances 65
Played by Lucy Whipday

Shannon Jade Tattersall was Zoe Tattersall's baby. Zoe was taken in by Gary and Judy Mallett who were desperate for a baby, and agreed to pay teenage Zoe £2,000 for her baby. Gary falsely declared himself to be the father on the birth certificate - so she became officially known and christened as Katie Joyce Mallett, though Zoe called her Shannon Jade. Zoe confessed to her friend Leanne Battersby that Gary was not 'Katie's' real father. Four months after the baby's birth, during Christmas time 1997, Zoe kidnapped her back and changed her name to Shannon. The little girl tragically died from meningitis aged just eight months old, in April 1998.

Background informationEdit

This character was first credited as "Katy Tattersall" for Episodes 4254 and 4255, then "Katie Tattersall" for Episodes 4256 and 4257, "Katy Mallett" until 19th December 1997; "Katy/Shannon" until 26th December 1997 and finally "Shannon Tattersall" from 28th December 1997.

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