Sharon 8643
Residence Liverpool
First appearance 20th May 2015
Number of appearances 1
Played by Tara Wells

Sharon was an attractive young lady who frequented The Horse and Cart pub in Liverpool.

Lloyd Mullaney had frequented the establishment some years before when it was a lively place fondly remembered from his youth. He chose it as the place to hold Steve McDonald's stag night in May 2015 before his marriage to Michelle Connor. In the event, Steve couldn't make the evening, suffering a mild panic attack at the thought of going there by minibus after the Underworld crash four months before. The depleted party of Lloyd, Tyrone Dobbs, Jason Grimshaw, Sean Tully and Gary Windass made the trip and found that the pub was almost dead. Sipping their drinks in the silence of the bar, Jason was taken by Sharon when she entered and she overheard a conversation between Sean and Jason about relationships, the latter bemoaning his lack of success in that area. When Gary went to the bar, Sharon told Gary that Jason shouldn't worry on that score as he was "well fit". In fact she had a friend joining her who would be interested to meet him and described them to Jason as "gorgeous, great sense of humour and single." Jason was more than intrigued until the friend entered - a gay man called Leon. Jason explained that he wasn't gay and had to explain their previous discussion about Sean and Billy Mayhew didn't mean that they were all gay. A surprised Leon asked, "then what are you doing in a gay bar...?"

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