Sheila Dixon was an assistant at Firman's Freezers. She incurred the ire of control-freak assistant manager Anne Malone who told her off for slacking when it wasn't her fault and refused to listen to her excuses. Within a short period of time, Sheila managed to get her revenge...

Anne had spotted Samantha Failsworth shopping in the store and she blamed Samantha for coming between her and Curly Watts, thoroughly deluding herself in the process because as far as Curly was concerned there never was a romance between him and either of the women but in another set-up orchestrated by Anne he had been fired from the store. Anne sneaked past Samantha while her back was turned and slipped an item into her shopping bag, "finding" it once she had been through check-out. Samantha was taken to Eric Firman's office where she was threatened with police prosecution but Sheila interrupted the meeting in Eric's office and told him that she had seen Anne plant the goods. A flustered Anne told Eric that she had had to reprimand Sheila recently for being idle and for stock going missing but Eric saw through her excuses. Anne was sacked and Curly was reinstated.

Eighteen months later, Anne got her revenge on Curly by getting him in trouble with the police. Alma Baldwin tried to track Sheila down as a character witness to previous events but was unable to find her.