Sheila Miller was a glamorous woman who in September 1971 was sent to Spain by Willie Piggott, accompanying Ernie Bishop who'd been hired by Piggott to take photographs for travel brochures. Already dreading having to tell his fiancée Emily Nugent he'd be spending the whole month in Sheila's company, Ernie's nerves weren't helped by Sheila joking around, telling him they'd be spending most of their time "positively starkers". Unfortunately, a bigger surprise was yet to come to Ernie as he later found out another (younger) woman Karen Spencer was also going on the trip, and Karen was even more forward than Sheila. When Emily found out the full arrangements she tried to cancel it on Ernie's behalf but Piggott managed to talk her round by telling her that he'd offered Ernie the business because he was the only man he could think of who would turn Sheila and Karen down.

During the shoot, Sheila took up with a Spanish courier. She later wrote to Piggott to inform him of a charge against Ernie for offending the public morality, which was a misunderstanding by the police when they caught him adjusting Karen's bra strap during a photo shoot on the beach.